Today For Beer

What Did We Do Today?



Call us crazy... again.. we are pushing our own envelope for what kind of beers we are developing. Friday will be the Split batch previously discussed, but due to the 10 gallon rum Barrel getting here Tomorrow. Well, we planned a cocktail beer. A Mai Tai NEIPA to "age" in the barrel



Made a bunch of yeast today, as well. 2 starters. 1 for the Berliner Weiss Style beer (Wyeast 1007) and another for the NEIPL (Czech Lager Strain). we also stepped up our mixed culture to about 500ml for a 1.3 gallon sour batch. (no pic)



To avoid having to make/buy a bulldog barrel filler. we opted to drill a small port on the bottom of the whiskey barrel. We used a MFL Flare Fitting and a Flare Cap (Stainless) to seal it. Kind of like a vinnie nail, but allows for bottom fills and empties. This reduces oxygenation. (Imp Stout transfer)



We transferred our Wheatwine to keg, sadly we onnly yielded about 4.5 gallons due to some intense blow off..... use fermcap next ... seriously its a lifesaver. An Oak Barrel will be in the mail soon. We will throw this brew in there.



This brew planning session was out of control. How the heck can we make a berliner weiss (Low gravity) and a new experimental New England Style India Pale Lager (With the Same Mash!)... well here are the results.. We will post the absurd thought process tomorrow.



With the Wee Heavy yeast nearing its final build up for a brew day on 3/2/2018 it was time to start something fun. A mixed culture bacteria starter. We took 4 different bottles from Russian River and pitched the dregs into some fresh starter wort. 



With the WheatWine in the fermenter. It is time to get ready for our next brew. A Wee Heavy. Designing is underway and yeast will be started today.



Crushed a lot of grain today, 21.7lbs to be exact with 65.4% of that being some type of Wheat Malt. Early brew day tomorrow as the yeast is cold crashing (to be decanted) and everything is in order. 



Our Imperial Stout Finished today as well. We begin cold crashing it in our mini fridge that can hold one 6.5 gallon carboy comfortably. It will hang out here for 24 hours to near freezing temps as we prepare it for a gelatin fining tomorrow



After a day of spinning the Yeast starter was stepped up today from 1 liter to 4.5 liters. Thankfully we have a huge incubator in the basement or the chilly 50 degrees in there would not allow for quick cell reproduction. 



Determined to make a less known style of beer, we made a yeast starter of Wyeast 1007 German Ale. We plan on brewing a German Faux Styled Wheatwine, akin to its more popular cousin the Barleywine.